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Both numbers display their significant characteristics yet it has been experienced at several occasions that number 2 and number 4 behave in a similar fashion. Characteristics displayed by number 2 are not as stated for number 4 most of the times in books on numerology.

Number 2 is emotional while number 4 is better known as a revolutionary. However when gone through closely number 4 also represents emotional behaviour and close attachment to those associated with it and number 2 also represents revolutionary approach. Number 2 are all those people born on 2, 11, 20 and 29 of any month and

number 4 are those born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 of every month.

Number 2 has either the least friends or is surrounded by many and so is the case with number 4. The difference here is number 4 is much more committed than number 2. Number 2 believes in itself than the others. Number 2 is emotional and so are number 4. Here the difference is number 2 doesn’t know how to get away with emotions while number

4 usually know this art.

While number 4 likes to make its own way, number 2 also does. The difference is number 2 has an unknown fear in its mind while number 4 is much more fearless. Number 2 if properly supported may also make way for itself while number 4 can do it all alone.

There are similarities however the styles of execution differ at times. Number 2 might not maintain their stand but number 4 does. Since not much literature is available it becomes difficult for the numerologist to take ahead the study of numbers.

The best books on numerology are helpful to know the basics but the problem is that books don’t speak. So the only way to learn is to research through numbers and go through lots of case studies.

The study of numbers often brings out such doubts that confuse the numerologist. Even the best of numerologists face difficulties as they gain experience though they seldom disclose. One such difficulty is when two numbers represent similar behaviour. At that time it is up to the numerologist not to give up and keep the research on the subject going.

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