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Number 2 is all about emotions and sensitive approach towards doing anything. Watch out for number 9. Even number 9 is emotional and sensitive. Both the numbers get angry easily and both the numbers celebrate for the shortest of achievements. What is the difference between the numbers then? Study of numbers is not only about reading the characteristics of numbers but also about how to compare, how to analyse and how to predict using numerology. 

Emotional and Sensitive
Both are emotional however the major difference lies in how they handle their emotional behaviour. Number 9 is more about reacting violently. Number

9 wants to make its presence felt and so does number 2 but number 2 has more of an introvert type approach. It tries to do the things by principles. Number 9 does it by power. 

Dedicated approach
Number 2 is dedicated to doing something and is somewhat similar in approach but the major difference is number 2 lacks consistency. It gets fed up of doing the same thing. Those with number 2 don’t like to stick to one thing and keep changing their interests thus they seldom succeed while number 9

has sharp brain and the energy to execute the job but lacks patience. 

Both are enthusiastic. Both like going along the things well and making the environment energetic around them. Number 9 does all that jobs that require energy and enthusiasm such as body building, joining armed forces, and even becoming a bully if the other numbers represent such behaviour. 

Number 9 is courageous. This is the area where number 2 lacks behind. The confidence level of number 2 is generally low. However if this number gets support of such people that help it to build confidence this number does wonders. Number 9, Number 3 and Number 1 are the best supporters of number 2. 

Those born on the dates 2, 11, 20, and 29 of any month are number 2 while number 9 are those born on 9, 18 and 27 of any month. The discussion here is all about the basic characteristics and not about other factors such as the number of appearances in the date of birth and the total of the date of birth.  


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