Siddhagiri Museum – Best Places To Visit In Kolhapur


Siddhagiri museum is based upon the ancient villages and the practices they used to follow and what they/those were known as.  Each of the sculptures at this museum in Kolhapur (Maharashtra) is a mesmerizing representation of what the hands of an artist can do. The characters inside the museum are such a fine representation of art and look so real that it feels as if they would speak out the next moment.

The entrance of the museum is through a cave that has different chambers each telling its own story. The cave when comes to an end opens into open sky

where there are village like structures displaying various business occupancies and the culture of ancient times. 

Siddhagiri Museum is one of the finest museums of its kind in India. The museum is located near Kaneri Math in the District of Kolhapur. The museum is a must go for everyone particularly for those interested in the culture of India and the admirers of art.


The museum charges Rupees 40 per adult. Important thing to note is they don’t allow taking photographs inside

the museum. Cameras are allowed but not photography.

How to Reach

The nearest city is Kolhapur to where number of buses and trains are available from major parts of the country. From Kolhapur railway station or bus stand auto rickshaws are available and buses are also available.

Siddhagiri Museum is located in the close vicinity of Kaneri Math. The distance form Kolhapur city is around 10 km. Buses are easily available from Kolhapur to Gokul Shirgaon MIDC from where another bus or auto rickshaw may be hired.

While the buses charge INR 11 from railway station to Kaneri Math i.e. near Siddhagiri Museum auto rickshaws may charge somewhere around INR 300 – 400 depending upon the number of people and the time required to be sent there.
It is advisable to hire auto rickshaws for Siddhagiri Museum as there are not much vehicles available for pick and drop to and from Kaneri Math.

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