Should You Go For Watching Horror Movies In Cinema Halls

Watching horror movies can be one of the greatest experiences but should you watch horror movies in a cinema hall. When you go for horror movies in cinema halls you expect there would be a complete movie watching experience with the thrill and the horror all around but the experience of watching the movie in a cinema hall could be spoiled if the audience is not as per your standards.

When you go for watching a horror movie in a cinema hall you presume that the public/audience that has come for watching the movie would be sensible enough to stay quiet

and enjoy the rush through their spines. It is the horror movie that makes fear enjoyable. A horror movie is a classic example of how people enjoy different emotions.

In a cinema hall the things are different. People start laughing at the most horrifying scenes. The best horror scenes are the most laughed at inside a cinema hall and the psychology behind this is very simple to understand. People have their egos. When in a horror movie

everyone tastes fear but the egos don’t allow them to tell others that a horror movie could make them afraid.

As a result of which they laugh and make fun of even the best scenes. The best dialogues of a horror film are all lost and the audience that has come there to watch the movie seriously is always distracted. Thus the most sincere audience is never able to enjoy the movie to the fullest.

Horror movies can be best enjoyed when there is a silence around and an element of darkness that could make you feel lonely and this is then you can enjoy the fear. On the other hand this can be best experienced in a cinema hall but with a condition that people who have come to watch the horror film are sincere enough to keep quiet and maintain the decorum of the theater.

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