Should You Allow Your Children To Drive Vehicles Without Driving License?

Driving two wheelers without driving license is not something new or something unheard of. Have you allowed your children or acquaintances to drive two wheelers or four wheelers on road? Despite the fact that it could be dangerous and might lead to life threatening accidents, parents allow their children in the name of teaching them how to drive the vehicle. Is it right to allow children drive without driving license? When I say driving license, it also means the age when they develop a maturity and understanding towards safety.

While bicycle used to be the ride of earlier ages, now it

is getting disappeared from India. Particularly in the metropolitan cities where the traffic is increasing day by day it is very difficult to ride the bicycle as the roads are not designed for vehicles due to the speed difference of a bicycle with other vehicles. May be this is the reason why parents would allow their children to take a seat at the automobiles.

An accident

leads to not only mental stress but also causes financial impact, time loss and in the worst case loss of life. Around 5 or 6 years back there was news in some newspaper (I don’t have a cutting) about a 13 year old boy driving an SUV car in Delhi. With the driver seated in the car, the boy hit 3 children with his car. When the driver was taken to the police station he said that he was not guilty as the boy was insistent upon driving.

In the streets, this is a very common scene. Boys and girls (particularly boys) start riding motor cycles and scooters at very early ages. Since no one had taught them, they drive vehicles at high speeds sometimes getting into unwanted events. It is beyond my level of understanding as to why children should be allowed driving vehicles before they understand the good and bad side of it.

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