Should We Punish Children? Is Punishment Necessary?

The answer is yes. The only condition is to punish at the right moment and to an extent that it doesn’t harm the child. It is not always true that a child may understand what is good or bad for him. It is the duty of parents, elders and the older to teach the right areas and actions. The father was driving a car when the little boy closed his eyes. The father didn’t react since it was his little boy. Should that be done?

There is a popular story when it comes to the discussion on punishing children. There was

a little boy that used to throw stones at the passing by villagers while hiding behind the rocks. The villagers that got hit by the stones abused the unknown as they never found out the boy hidden behind the stones or if somehow they saw him they tried to catch him but none of them succeeded.

One day a villager was passing by the same way when the stone came to strike him hard. The stone hit him. He didn’t abuse nor did he

get angry. What he did was just to take a coin out of his pocket to gift the boy who did this act. The boy was motivated. Next day the boy took a bigger stone and hit a wrestler passing by in order to get a bigger prize.

He went close to the wrestler but the wrestler slapped him hard. The boy stood stunned. The wrestler then consoled the boy by advising him never to enjoy others’ pain. Had the wrestler not slapped him, would the boy understand the harm that he used to cause the people? Children are not aware of what fun is.

It is the duty of adults around it to make him learn that the real fun is not when someone is hurt physically or mentally. After all parents are the best teachers. The second duty is of teachers to ensure that the child is on the right track. In this process sometimes punishment becomes necessary.


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