Writing Articles Gets Easier

If you are writing articles to earn money online then you may see it as a hard task which it is. But you have to look at this like if you are now building up your very own company from the ground up, only difference is you just need your own time and effort to get the company going. Every single article you write is a member of your work force and the bigger the work force the more and easier it is for you to earn money. Think of it like this, 100 articles may only gain you a

couple of cents each day but a couple thousand articles may gain you a couple hundred dollars each week.

Now the way this get easier is because you are working on building a passive income, and for those of you that doesn’t not fully understand what that is I will explain it to you in a very simple way.

A passive income means you do the work once and get paid over and over again, so after you write you articles and it stay online you will constantly earn an income from it.

So each article you write your work becomes easier because that’s one more worker you have added to your work force. So let’s say on average 100 articles earn you 80 cents a day and your goal is to earn 500 a month then you would roughly need to have more or less 2000 articles to achieve this goal. Now if you were to write 5 articles a day then in just little over one year then you would have achieved your goal of 2000 articles and be earning 500 dollars a month and then you won’t have to do any more writing you would get to sit back and receive your passive income each month.

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