Should There Be Limit On Car Ownership?

This question arises most often when someone who has to reach a place early is travelling by road and gets stuck in traffic. Everyone going for office takes his own car thus increasing the number of cars on the roads every day. Not only do these shorten the fuel supply every day but also impact the environment and affect the mental health of the person. Traffic problem is one of the reasons why mental irritation has increased in the society.

Remember the last time when you were on the road and there was not a traffic jam in the route. What

do you think the reason is? One of the most popular answers to this question is the increasing number of cars. Why is the number of cars increasing day by day when they produce serious impact on environment in the forms of noise pollution and air pollution?

Developing countries are like lower middle class people who recently saw some growth. The best example is when a boy who had not been allowed to spend money as he wanted to. One day this boy gets a job and starts making money. The first thing he does is to gift something to his parents and spend almost all that

he earned for that month in one go.

Soon his thoughts go constructive and he invests in a motorcycle. That is the first motorbike of his earning. He is proud to have it. However he doesn’t enjoy it for long. There are others who own a car. So he wants a car now. Soon he gets married and his wife wants a car too. Most of the four wheelers are not bought out of requirement but out of fashion.

After the married couple starts earning as a team they have a child sooner or later. The child grows up and instead of asking for a bicycle the child asks for a car. The parents are happy to buy him one as they don’t want their child to get angry with them. The child is happy as he can now show off better. Around 4 years ago there was a case in newspapers when a 13 year old drove a Mahindra Scorpio over a child in Karol Bagh, New Delhi. The driver was also called off by the police as why he allowed the child to drive the car.


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