Should Social Networking Sites Such As Facebook And Twitter Be Banned? Can Social Networking Sites Cause Social Unrest?

Social networking is to promote business, to be in touch with friends, to share emotions in an easier manner. Social networking is to make new friends, increase fan following and that too for free. What the users need is a free social networking account, but can sites such as Facebook and Twitter, give rise to riots, strike or malicious damage? Is social networking responsible for Assam or North East sequence?

Social networking through internet, one of the finest tools for communication in the modern world, can be dangerous enough to raise a wave of social or political unrest. Well, the recent

Assam case suggests so.

Messages on the most popular social networking sites have plagued this, as majority of news channels, news papers and political leaders are saying these days. A news channel showed when a political leader raised question on whether to ban such social networking websites.

Social networking sites have no check on whatsoever people do on their walls. Or probably they have, but who knows what happens when? Now when there is such a big scenario what everyone thinks of is to ban the social networking sites.

Ronny went

to the Gateway of India where he purchased a water bottle. He couldn’t find a dustbin in the way back from Gateway of India to Victoria Terminal Station (Now CST). So after walking for 15 minutes he threw the bottle on the side of the footpath. Suddenly from out of nowhere some boys in some uniform asked him to pay fine.

Ronny was amazed. He agreed he did the wrong thing but he questioned them of the dustbins. The boys answered that after the bomb blasts the dustbins have been removed from the sensitive areas.

Is ban the only solution?

Social networking sites attract umpteen internet users from all across the world. The popularity of these sites is so much that some of the television shows and a number of websites rely upon them to gain or maintain popularity. However, while things are done for good, there are some bad aspects but to stop the website should definitely not be a solution.



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