Should Land Be Left In Natural Condition Or Developed For Housing And Industry?

With the increasing population, recent developments and the changing lifestyles, land has suddenly become one of the most sought after things to be acquired. People are acquiring lands almost anywhere. This has given birth to brokers and real estate developers. The costs are soaring sky in the metropolitans while getting higher and higher in the smaller cities and even villages. It appears as if in the coming there would be left no land to be acquired. Should land be left in natural condition or is there a need for the land to be developed for industrial and housing development.

Development is

necessary. Development could bring out changes, comfort, luxury and easy going lifestyles. A few days ago I was sitting in a group discussion round where the participants were given a topic if they had money to buy a house or a business what would they buy. One of them said he would buy a house for business. Land is not for residence or business anymore. It has become a business.

Is there a need to stop housing as a business? Should the builders not be allowed to invest in the real estate sector? Well, that can’t be done. What needs to be done then? Should there be no property brokers? People won’t let them happen despite the heavy charges that the property brokers would impose on them for

renting or buying a property. Reason could be the ease in getting a house or a factory on rent or buy.

The requirement for land has made the land scarce. Increasing number of apartments is a proof. Earlier the people would not prefer to stay in such houses that were multistoried. Apartments used to be the last choices. It still is, but now they have none other option. The need for land is high but should there be some land left in natural condition.

Industrial land is also required. Whether it is small, medium or high level businessman, they require land to establish their business. Sometimes the industries are spread in hundreds of acres feeding thousands of families whose members work for them. When such land is required could there be some solution on sparing the land to enjoy nature.

Nature is something that is worth more than money. Luxury, comfort and everything is worth nothing without nature. We live in a congested area and it feels great when we get on the roads, have a walk in some posh colonies where there are trees around and some space for the children to play. Should there be some land spared for nature to nurture. I believe yes.

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