Should I Work Hard? Hard Work Vs. Smart Work

‘Hard work pays’ , ‘work hard to get better results’, ‘success is not possible without hard work’ and there might be many such advice that people usually provide others. Does hard work really matter? Should you work hard to attain success? Think twice. Answer these questions: -

Aren’t there people who would get success every time while those with the most sincere efforts failed to even get recognized? What they got was just words of praise.

Aren’t there people who earned because you worked for them? Had you not worked hard, they wouldn’t have made money. But what did you get out

of your hard work; another job? Probably you continued to work for the same company with little compensation but did you get what you deserved?

Hard work is no doubt an important quality that a person should possess but it is not only the hard work that brings success closer to an individual or a team. Had this been true the real success would have lied in the hands of the labor and not the contractor?

What most of the hard workers do is that they work hard almost all the time but when the real time comes, when the opportunity

knocks the door, they prefer to stay behind. This time is when there is a time to make decision. Smart workers begin their play here. They come forward to prove they work hard.

Smart workers never hesitate to display their efforts and they do this in style. Hard workers feel that their hard work should be recognized automatically which actually doesn’t happen always. There might be people who would do nothing but when the boss is near they put all their efforts and pretend as if they are an important asset to the company.

What else could make a boss happy? Working smart is all about better awareness, right decisions at the right time and about displaying the potential to the right person. The hard working people tell about their efforts to all but the right person.

Next time you try to work hard, try to plan your hard work. Remember, only hard work is going to pay you nothing at least not what you deserved.

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I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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