Should I Get Married?

Marriage is when people are concerned more about you. They would keep poking you to get married. But the one who is going to get married always thinks - What is the best time for me to get married? Should I get married now? Is it right to get married? When should I get married? Should I get married? Is it necessary to get married? To marry a girl or a boy is not an issue. The issue is would you be able to live happily after marriage.

Marriage is when a boy and a girl (adults of course) commit to

spend their lives together thus sharing each other’s interests. This may sound simple but marriage is supposed to be one of the most complex relations on earth. One of the major reasons why this is complex is the involvement of society in personal relations.

The involvement of society is good but it is important that the individual should be ready to make this decision of tying the knot with someone for a lifetime. After all, it is his/her life and the others would never help in making the things as good as both of them could.

The best time to get married is supposed to be

when the male member of the partnership is well settled which means he is sure of getting a regular income from some or the other source. For a female member, it is when she gets settled as well which would mean either she had completed her studies or she got a job or a business.

But is it necessary to get married? No. In my opinion it is not at all necessary to get married. In most of the cases one gets married because the others want him to. They get married because the society has such a trend. It is because everyone gets married. The perception to this has changed however these days with the introduction of concepts such as live in relationship.

To get married means you get a partner. The life is great if the partner is good and the life is hell if the partner is not as per your expectations. Once married it is better not to spoil the married life and the relationship. It is better to try to improve and manage it somehow. Sometimes ignorance is a blessing.

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