Should Auto Rickshaw Business Be Run By Government?

Auto rickshaws are a big pain. Those living in metropolitan cities would better understand. I am not aware of Government run auto rickshaws and I wonder if there had been one such service. Remember the last time you could hire an auto rickshaw easily. For those living in Delhi, remember the time when the auto-rickshaw driver agreed to go by meter. Should Indian Government take strict actions against the auto rickshaw drivers? Should Government introduce Government owned auto rickshaws with nominal charges?

Recently I was in Indore when I hired an auto rickshaw for airport. The distance from where I hired

it, was approximately 6 km. He said 100 INR and I agreed in one go. Later in the auto rickshaw, the driver told me that he has asked for lesser amount. It would not have been less than 150, had I asked some other auto rickshaw driver in the area. He also informed that the number of auto rickshaws in Indore had increase drastically leading lesser income to the auto rickshaw drivers.

Indore is just an example. Situation is not different

in most of the other Indian cities. During the rainy season it becomes just impossible to hire an auto and if by chance you get one, it is for a sky high price. Auto rickshaw drivers are not happy to take passengers for shorter distances. They are ready to argue and if by mistake you tell them you are going to the airport, they would expect extra money from your side.

It is not that the authority is silent or doesn’t know the issue but even the people are not on their side. Traffic police is constantly after them inspecting whether they run their meters. Mistake is on our side too when the passengers ask the auto driver to overload (to save money.).

My question is, should the government introduce its own auto rickshaws. Could public transport get better somehow? Introduction of metro rails is a great gift by the government to the people but would they be able to resolve the auto rickshaw drivers issue somehow?

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