Children Of Sperm Donors

When sperm donors became popular in the 1970s there were no tests done on the donated sperm and no medical history was taken of the donor. Those donor conceived children are now adults and some are finding out their donors medical history the hard way. Lessons have been learned. Donors must now give their medical history and tests are run on the donated sperm. There is little chance of these earlier donor conceived adults getting their medical information. Some are blogging and setting up websites to share their stories and hoping to find some clues. Children of donor sperm have no
legal rights to medical records concerning their natural father. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention one percent of babies in the United States are conceived with donor sperm. It wasn’t until 2005 that the Food and Drug Administration issued donor sperm screening tests for communicable disease. No federal regulations existed before that time. Lila Barrett of Chattanooga, Tenn was rushed to the emergency room after the birth of her first child due to a blood clot. If the doctors had known Barrett was subject to such clotting, precautions could have been taken. But she was conceived by an unknown sperm
donor and nothing is known about the family medical history. Children who were born of donor conceived sperm in the 70s and 80s when sperm banks began to spread across the U.S. are now adults and having their own children. They have a lot of questions concerning their sperm donors medical history. Some are finding out by chance that they and their children are predisposed to certain illnesses. In July a law went into effect in Washington state giving adult children the right to medical information about their sperm donor. Although the identity of the donor is sealed, medical information will be available. In the United Kingdom and Australia where anonymity has been banned, there is a shortage of donor sperm. One sperm donor said he donated sperm to help pay for law school but would not have done so if medical records or identification were required. Those born of sperm donors are using the web for information. Wendy Kramer is the mother of a donor conceived son. She tries to help donor conceived adults find their sperm donor and half siblings. My referral is: If you enjoy writing articles you can earn money here.

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