Should Abusive Terms Be Allowed In Movies?

Earlier there used to a good control of the censor board over the use of words in Hindi movies. As the days are passing by and as India is developing, a new face of modernization has started reflecting in the Indian movies. The urge to get closer to originality has brought the use of abusing words that the parents earlier used to protect their children from. If a movie features violence and cruelty, is it necessary to pronounce the words that are far away from discipline.

Earlier what was limited ‘shit’ is now called f**k. Not only the adults but the

school children are using those words in style. Now they have Hindi Gaali as well as an English version of all of them. The strange thing is that people love those movies. Don’t believe in me? Remember the success of Delhi Belly and the recent Go Goa Gone. What they speak on screen would certainly influence the public.

Many people use those terms but it is nothing to

be proud of. Are we losing our culture? I am no conservative person but at least I hate to use those words and I have never used them even if there were some heated arguments. Could those words change my world? Could those words get me something more impressive? No. Even the poorest person on the planet could use those words to feel like a king.

It is not necessary that movies display everything that happens. Some things are meant to be hidden and some are not worth discussing. If those things should be discussed, there could be a different style of discussion. If someone goes to the cinema hall with some elderly person or a family member before watching the promo or without prior information it would become embarrassing to watch the entire movie and don’t forget the tickets are too high these days to be spared.


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