Safety Officer At Plant Job Review

Working in a plant as a safety officer is not for those who are poor at interpersonal skills or those who get disappointed soon. There are certain people who work sincerely but if not appreciated get demoralized. The job of safety officer is not for those people either. While choosing the career as a safety officer at plant it must be borne in mind that there is going to be a tough fight with the engineering department as wells as the production department.

The number of candidates that are taking interest in this field has suddenly increased. Since this is new

to India and most of the procedures are new in India, majority of companies are in the implementation phase. Some are in the process of implementation of work permit, while some are defining lock out tag out procedures at their plant. Anyone opting for safety officer at plant shall get prepared for the implementation and introduction of new systems to the organization that he is going to join.

Whenever new measures are introduced there is wave of

rejection which by continuous efforts changes to acceptance by some and then by all. There are other jobs as well such as conducting safety induction, safety committee meeting, project safety concerns (if there are any projects in the premises), incident investigation, pressure vessels safety, equipment safety etc. 

While at majority of plants the safety officer reports to the factory manager, there are organizations where safety department reports to the engineering department or human resources department. There are organizations that have large workforce and their factories are spread out in large areas. To implement better safety procedures and controls there is a team of safety officers.

Job of safety officer works in conjunction with other departments and the performance of safety officer depend on how others support him. If the other department heads are not on the side of safety, in other words if the top management is not concerned about safety it becomes difficult for the safety officer to implement the things.

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