Safety Officer At Construction Site – Tips & Warnings

Safety officer has to be the most determined and the most enthusiastic of all officers and engineers at the site. Though several statements are made against the performance of the safety officer, a safety officer has not to back down from any challenge. The pressure comes often from the civil engineers and the mechanical engineers at site as they feel that the safety procedures are sometimes unnecessary to follow and a cause of delay in routine work.

This is particularly the case with safety officers engaged in small projects handled by small construction companies. Majority of times it has been

experienced that they are under pressure to execute the project in a hurry and the safety officer is to comply with the statutory regulations only.

If safety officer tries to implement the basic safety requirements such as training, machine guarding, work permit system, etc. he has to face the rage of the fellow engineers and managers. There are times when the safety officer feels that he should have been the part of the project engineering team and not a safety officer.

However it is the liability of the safety officer if an incident happens at the workplace. It is never easy for a safety officer to ensure the quality of the PPE i.e. personal protective equipment unless supported by the management.

The best

thing that the safety officer can do is not join such companies that don’t have proper attitude towards safety. Those who join should put their conditions at the time of interview itself that they require the support of the management for the implementation of safe work practices.

After joining, the safety officer should form a safety committee keeping the project manager as head of committee and involve the managers and engineers to implement safety. The safety officer alone if held responsible will fall into the trap.

Safety officer may form a task force and should discuss this with the project manager that the area in-charge or the work initiator shall also be held responsible for the unsafe act or incident and not the safety officer alone.

Safety officer at construction site should also inform at the time of interview only that his job to ensure the safe work practices at the construction site and not the other miscellaneous works. Keeping a clear approach and to know how to say no, always helps to handle the roles and responsibilities.


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