Safety Officer At Construction Site – Job Review

There is maximum number of vacancies in the construction sector but the nature of the job of a safety officer at the construction site is probably the toughest of all safety officer jobs. Reasons for such a statement are simple and straightforward. The working hours range from ten to twelve hours in a day with almost no appreciation and the maximum responsibility if anything happens to the workers or anyone at the site. Safety officer is liable to any incidents at the site.

Safety at construction site is in a development phase in India. Due to the government mandate the construction

companies have to depute safety officers at the construction site. There exist several hazards at the construction site including working at height, hot work, excavation work, working near heavy equipment etc. The role of safety officer is to eliminate or minimize the hazards to the best extent possible.

The role of safety officer is in two portions i.e. first it is to prevent the occurrence of any incidents, if after the preventive measures an incident happens then to investigate the incident and suggest the corrective and preventive actions for the same. There are

several methods by which safety officer tries to ensure that the unsafe acts and unsafe conditions are minimized. Some of them are: -

• Daily tool box talk to the labours and supervisors
• Ensure the best quality and condition of personal protective equipment is used by the workers at the site.
• Ensure that proper equipment for work is used by the labour for example proper ladder while working at height or acetylene cylinders provided with flashback arrestors etc.
• Ensure proper training on safety and time to time revision in the daily tool box talk.
• Conduct meeting with other site engineers to discuss safety related concerns

There are several other measures that a safety officer at construction site takes. Sometimes with smaller companies it happens that a safety officer is utilized for other department jobs as well. At this time safety officer has to be firm and say no to what he has not to do otherwise his hold on implementation of safe work procedures would not be effective.


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