Safety Committee Meetings - Importance, Tips And Warnings

Safety committee meetings are a requirement under the Factories Act, 1948. An organization can conduct as many safety meetings as it can with a minimum of once in a quarter. The purpose of safety committee meetings is to discuss the safety related concerns in the presence of representatives of different departments and ensure work place safety. The committee also includes representative of workers as they are better aware of the ground level issues.

Importance of safety committee meeting is that it highlights the safety concern in the eyes of the committee members and the management. This helps ensure that the unsafe

acts or unsafe conditions prevailing in some area of the premises don’t repeat in the other area. In case there are projects undergoing in the premises there are project safety committees to discuss the safety related concerns with the project supervisors and contractors.

It is important that the factory manager and the head of the departments also join randomly to ensure that all the members attend the meeting regularly. Unless the meeting

is attended there is no use in conducting the meeting. There are certain safety features/procedures that the organization has its primary focus upon. This keeps on changing with time.

The safety highlights need address in the meeting. Incidents also need to be addressed in the meeting so that all come to know how the incident occurred and what were the corrective/preventive actions taken regarding that incident. This is important so that causes of accidents are in the information of everyone as this could help in repetition of similar incidents.

Represent the data in statistical form. This is easy to understand and saves time. At the end of the meeting the minutes of meeting are prepared and distributed to all the committee members with the roles and responsibilities assigned (if any). The minutes of meeting are rendered ineffective when distributed too late to take action for example when the date of other meeting is about to come.

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