Road Rage Do You Like It?

Why does road rage happen? Why can’t people control their emotions? Moments ago in our street a boy came driving at high speed and just passed by a child playing there. Fortunately nothing happened but the child’s parents came rushing to see if there was an injury. The biker slipped to get hurt slightly. Parents of that child just caught the boy and in seconds there were many who wanted to beat that boy to teach him a lesson. Would that teach him a lesson?

The boy was beaten so badly that he could hardly walk. Every moment there was a

new person who wanted to hit that boy. Some were getting so angry as if they had never driven their vehicles fast. Road rage or violence on roads is useless in my whole opinion. Why would you want to fight with someone you even don’t know? But in reality it takes seconds to initiate a huge fight where there would gather a huge crowd not to stop the violence but to enjoy the scene.

I am very sensitive to violence and generally I hate it. Whenever I see violence it keeps

coming in my mind for long making me restless for hours and sometimes for days. Why road rage? Is it because people are so frustrated that they just want someone to flush their anger off. Why do people get so angry particularly on roads? Is that because of traffic?

Have you ever gotten engaged in a road rage? How would you react if there was something wrong or you encountered misbehavior? May be in the above mentioned scenario someone wasn’t driving fast but people won’t listen to your justifications. All they would want at that time was to take off their emotions on to the driver. There are instances when the children come on the roads and it becomes difficult to balance the vehicles.

Personally I believe in driving as per the safety rules and still if something goes wrong, God is the savior. Thankfully, I haven’t faced the worst case scenarios on road but it feels bad if something goes wrong with the others too.

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I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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