Return Of ‘the Undertaker’

Undertaker ever since he entered WWE made his presence felt to the best of the superstars. Not to mention his streak of undefeated Wrestlemania matches from the past 18 years. This match is one of the sought after matches in Wrestlemania and probably the reason why the Undertaker has returned.

Undertaker returned on WWE RAW. Sounds astounding as he is the favourite superstars of many and thrills everyone whenever he makes an entry to the ring but there is a question that always remains. Will the undertaker be that dominant again as he has always been? The experience factor and the

psychological factor go with the Undertaker but it is the age factor also that counts.

As mentioned on various websites the date of birth of the Phenom i.e. the Undertaker is 24th March, 1965 or 24th March, 1962 which means whatever the true date is but the Undertaker is almost 50. Remember the last match between Triple H and the Undertaker or the rivalry between the Big Show and the Undertaker or his rivalry with his

brother Kane where his dominance could not rule.

It took almost a year for the Undertaker to return after Wrestlemania last year as he suffered severe injuries as a result of this match. Though he wins but the way he used to win is not the same as we have witnessed it from years or the way we are used to witness him from years.

The summary of the discussion lies in the fact that whether a wrestle should retire with age or continue doing it regardless of what his age is. There have been wrestlers like Ric Flair who got better with age but there is a lot of difference between the styles that the others possessed.

It is not to judge somebody’s capability or to doubt his skills but only a thought of whether the grace and stardom achieved in so many years could be saved and leave as a winner or to keep playing until continuously start losing the matches.

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