The Pros And Cons Of The Apple Ipad

Apple have conceived the iPad to be an all-purpose tablet computer, which can do everything a PC or game player can do but is easily portable. There has been a lot of gushing coverage about the benefits of the iPad (the press seem to have reproduced Apple's press releases), but not much discussion about it's drawbacks. This article aims to remedy that.

The iPad does not use the revolutionary iInk technology which has anti-glare properties and allows you to read for hours withour tiring. By contrast, the Amazon Kindle and Sony Digital Reader, both have it. The iPad is

backlit, which means you can read in bed, but whether you will want to for any length of time remains to be seen, as backlit tablets are hard on the eyes. If you are mainly after an ebook reader, then you might be better off sticking with the Kindle or the Sony ereader, both of which are considerably cheaper than the iPad.

The iPad has many attractions for business people on the go, especially as it comes with office software, and is much smaller than a laptop – but a big downside is that it has no built-in USB port. This makes it hard to transfer documents to and from your PC, though one way to work around this is to upload your documents into Google docs (which supports all document formats), and which means you can reassess these from your office PC using the cloud. Apple have also made available docks

with USB ports, but you have to pay extra for these. If you can put this all on expenses, then go ahead and buy the iPad – it will certainly save you from the hassle of lugging a heavy laptop with you. But if you are paying for it yourself, be aware that these extras add to the cost.

The iPad also allows you to play games, but hardened gamers might wish to stick to the PSP or perhaps buy Sony's latest portable games platform, the Sony Dash, which allows you to browse the internet, listen to music and watch videos as well as play games. The Sony Dash is cheaper than the iPad as it doesn't have the ebook reader nor the office software. But if you are a gamer who also wants a device that allows you to do your homework and surf the net as well, then you might want to consider the iPad.

Finally the iPad does not support Adobe Flash, which might depreciate many people's browsing experience as so many websites use flash these days. One upside of not supporting Flash though, is that the iPad is much faster than all the iPad killers that have emerged. If speed is more important to you than having adverts visible when you browse the net, then go ahead and order the iPad.

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