Process Of Resignation Is As Important As Joining

Resignation is important process as once you have resigned you have minimum chances to get back into that company for what you missed out. It is also important from the relationship point of view as resignations are not a new thing to hear neither for the boss nor the colleagues. Everyone is in search of a good opportunity and there is nothing wrong if one is through with it. There are certain points that are worth consideration while resigning from an organization: - 

Date of Resignation
This is important as sometimes it happens that you resign from a company in a

hurry and after a month your colleague at the same position gets a handsome incentive as well as satisfactory increment in salary. Though most of the job seekers are smart enough to remember the period of increment, yet it is suggested to wait for the increments and promotions to disclose and then resign. 

Resignation Letter
Resignation letter is not something that you should use to show your thrust upon. Write a resignation as if you are feeling bad to leave the organization whatever the real situation may be. If in records you wrote something unethical then it can’t be deleted. Mention the learning, the experiences and the moments that you had with the company and for a better opportunity you had to take this decision. 

Notice Period
Organizations either ask the employee to serve the notice period i.e. the period after resignation which is generally one month but it varies from 15 days to 3 months in some organizations. If the notice period is not served the companies deduct the employee’s salary or ask him to pay the amount during the full

and final settlement. If you have good relations with your boss this can be waived off.

Salary and Funds
Don’t forget to fill up all the formalities concerning your salary, provident fund and the other entire amount that you are liable to get. Once you miss this, there would be minimal chances when you get another chance to do this. Don’t be in a hurry to leave the organization. Try to enjoy those days and finish off in style.

Relationship with the Manager and Colleagues
Everyone is in search of better opportunities. Even the older employees are changing their jobs frequently. To maintain cordial relations with the colleagues and other employees is extremely important. Who knows the ones you worked with in the previous company also join you some other time in your next organization. The things are crucial if your boss joins you at the other place.

Exit Interview
Don’t express all your bad feelings in the exit interview though it is said to do so. Don’t do any such thing that may close the gates of the present company forever for you. Who knows this you get a future opportunity that you would never want to miss in the same company that you are about to leave.

Keep cool and calm, meet everyone merrily and take this process as seriously as you are at the time of interview or joining.

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