Problems Of Tourism

Tourism has emerged as one of the best resources for revenue generation. Tourist destinations are searched by many on the internet. Not only the popular tourist spots but the unexplored are becoming the best places to visit. While it gives business to the city, state or county and is a source of mental relaxation for the travellers yet there are some problems that the tourist spots face: -

Lack of honest approach in the businessmen
Businessmen or shopkeepers at such places are often nonbelievers of honesty and idealism. The visitor or traveller could not know the exact price of the particular

thing that he wants to buy. In this process the visitors are often cheated upon.

Affect the cleanliness of the city
Cleanliness of the city is highly affected when the tourism in a particular city increases. The travellers have to leave that place anyway so they seldom care whatever happens to the area once they leave it. Unless the management is strict such problems can’t be handled. 

City gets costlier for the local people
It is the local

people that suffer the most. Local transport is not cheap, the behaviour of people gets rude, and quality of the material that the tourist areas maintain is not appreciable most of the times.

The local people face problems due to increased traffic 
Local people face problems due to increased man movement and vehicle movement. Most suffered are those that live in those tourist areas and the routes are frequently closed due to heavy rush. The children living in areas have to go walking as they are not allowed to drive bicycles.

Nature of problems differs from area to area but the problems are everywhere. Hills may be different problems and the plains may have their own. The main point is not only it is important to develop the tourism but also it is to maintain or sustain that development such that local people stay unaffected and the city develops.

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