Ppe (personal Protective Equipment) Compliance Problems And Solutions

Ensuring the compliance of PPE is the biggest challenge in forth of a safety officer/manager. There are varieties of issues that have to be dealt with while putting efforts towards PPE adherence.  Following are some of the major problems faced at the worksite and their respective solutions: -

Improper monitoring/Negligence in use

This is divided into two portions; the first is when the site is not monitored properly. This means that not only the safety officer is responsible but the initiator of the job is also responsible for compliance.

The suggestion here is to make the site in-charge/supervisor responsible for any non-compliance. The

management support is also sought in this regard as there are times when the safety officer requires the authority to stop the job if he feels the work is unsafe. 

The second problem is the workers are experienced or arrogant enough that they don’t feel there is a need to wear the PPE. The first step to overcome this problem is through counseling and training. Most of the times this is resolved at this stage only as the people are unaware of the hazards.

Share with them the accidents in the past and what safety department has been doing is for their well being only. If this persists the supervisor or that worker may be charged penalty or may be punished in other ways.  

Lack of comfort/ease
The workers have been often found complaining of the lack of comfort in doing work that they would do without personal protective equipment. Look for any alternate equipment that is easy to use or more comfortable at work. If still the issue does not resolve

use the authority to ensure that people comply. On practical grounds there are people sometimes that simply don’t use because they don’t want to use. When made compulsory everyone does.

Poor maintenance
Due to poor maintenance the quality of PPE deteriorates with time. If this is not supervised the safety of the workers is in danger. There are times when the workers complain but the supervisors don’t listen while there are conditions when the PPE are misused by the workers as well. Whatever the case may be PPE need to be maintained in proper condition. This shall entirely be left on the supervisor and the in-charge officer to ensure.

Poor Quality
Mostly it has been noticed that the PPE are brought by the contractors at the project site while the organization only cares they are in good condition and worn properly. The contractor doesn’t provide adequate PPE to save money.
To fight this situation, some organizations make it mandatory to obtain PPE from their in-house store while some prescribe make and model numbers for PPE to work in their premises.

Non availability
Non-availability issues arise when PPE are not maintained in adequate number. The solution lies in the problem itself. Maintain sufficient number of personal protective equipment in spare so as to ensure their adherence to the maximum.

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