Population Problem In India Should We Take Firm Steps For Population Control

Population is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) problems in India. Is population the real problem or is it that population issue is not managed properly? Population in India has increased tremendously in the past years. Population explosion occurs when the death rate decreases and the birth rate increases at a faster rate.

Major reasons given for the increased population are not the increased birth rate but the decreased death rate as they say.  Some say the population has increased because there are no wars (less wars) than there used to be earlier. Another reason is that there are

fewer epidemic diseases these days than earlier.

Whatever the reason be for the increased population, problems due to increased population can be easily witnessed all across the nation. Population problem has lead to the increased rate of inflation, difficulties in getting properties (particularly in big cities), high prices of general items, and heavy traffic on roads, unavailability of tickets etc.

Government of India took several initiatives toward population control. For example, easy availability of protective measures such as contraceptive pills, condoms, advertisements for awareness, awareness programs and distribution of free pamphlets etc.

Despite all the efforts put by the Government, there has been little control over the

birth rate. I don’t have any figures but seeing the crowd everywhere (railway stations, food courts, hotels, shopping malls, religious places and even on roads) one may easily assume how heavy the population issue could be in the years to come.

The conditions have improved as people now do not prefer giving birth to more than two children. This belief is more prevalent in upper middle class and above grade people while the truth may be different if you visit a poor family or a lower middle class family in India.

Should the Government take some firm steps to adequately control the population problem or should it stick to the awareness campaigns. It is not only the Government of India that has to do everything but we should also be held responsible for the problems due to increased population.

Population problem is one of the basic problems why people are facing several other problems. If not managed properly this may lead to a catastrophic situation.

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