Popular Android Phone Applications

Android phones are very popular in market these days as these phones are not only in budget but are also very useful to the user. These apps are very user friendly and a lot of them are available for free in the android market. Android has various versions but mostly the apps are easily installed and assessable. Following are some of the most popular applications amongst the android users. 

1. Google Maps
Google Maps is an application similar to Google maps on PC. It is easily assessable with functions like places, layers etc. It provides details of the required location as well

as directions from one place to the other.

2. Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter
It is social networking tool to keep in touch with other users, and form circle with our nearest friends. These applications work quite efficiently over android phones. Facebook and twitter are presently both most popular and frequently used sites at this time.

3. Amazon Reader
Due to this application no one needs to carry and buy those expensive kindle. One can read those books from android phone and even

buy them from amazon. The only requirement is to register.

4. Skype
Video chatting is possible with the help of Skype.

5. E-bay and Amazon Price Locator
These make the shopping experience easier and enjoyable when you can easily buy goods from eBay and locate prices from amazon. Both of them are the most trusted sites for online shopping.

6. Marvel Comics
As kindle reader android also offers you a comic reader which helps readers to read their favourite comics all the time

7. Angry Birds
Angry Birds is a widely recognised videogame where the target is to free the bird from cages.

8. Winamp for Android
Winamp in Android also serves the same purpose as winamp. In cell phones it includes various functions that inbuilt android player lacks.

9. Mini opera
It is a web browser for android. It is more user friendly than inbuilt browser and has comparatively better speed.


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