Points To Consider - At The Time Of Interview & Joining (part 1)

There are many that do not take it seriously as they are fascinated by the fact that they cleared all the rounds to secure a job in a highly reputed organization. When the job seekers think that way, it is predictable that they may lose what they actually deserve. Getting a job is not the only thing as there are many nowadays but what is important is that you get the job on your conditions or not unless you are bound by some personal compulsion. 

For those who have lost the job and don’t have a job in hand should not

become desperate as this also leads them to disparity. Because once joined you are in no condition to change the things. Those looking for job/change should stay calm and consider the following facts prior to the date of joining in the next organization/company.

Date of joining 
This is entirely your choice to select your date of joining. Majority of times the companies insist the candidate to join with in a week while the candidate has an attached issue regarding the notice period that he has to serve in the previous company. This not being a big problem however as most of them pay the amount charged by the previous employer. 

The problem is when the next employer denies paying the amount. Don’t hurry and put your remarks and conditions. There is another case

when the employee doesn’t want to join with in a week as he wants to relax a bit of time. He may put forth his wish. There is no harm in sorting out the problems with discussions rather than keeping mum and accusing from behind. 

Working hours and Organization Behaviour
Don’t forget to ask the working hours and the shift that you would be working in. There are people who are not very comfortable with the shifts while there are those who like working in shifts. Also ask whether there are any chances to change working in shifts to general shift. 

Some organizations don’t have a weekly office on Sunday but some other day. Ask whether it is a five day week culture or alternate Saturday off or else. This is for those employees who like an outing on weekends. Take their comments on the extended working hours and how the organization deals with it. There are organizations that have official working hours but the employees stay till long. 

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Points To Consider - At The Time Of Interview & Joining (contd. From Part 1)
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