Points To Consider - At The Time Of Interview & Joining (contd. From Part 1)

Roles and Responsibilities
Do not forget to ask your job responsibilities at the organization. This would make sure you are going for the right job. As it happens sometimes in an interview where only salary structure, date of joining and job location are discussed and the candidate is through to join. Make sure you have an HR job and not marketing if you have applied for an HR job.

Understand the hierarchy of the organization well. Johnny received a call from a renowned insurance company and the designation that he was offered was of an executive. They were ready to

pay what Johnny demanded. When Johnny asked the hierarchy he came to know that executive was the beginner’s job while in Johnny’s company it was a very senior level. Don’t forget to ask this question and demand the position that you desire as getting promotions later on is not an easy job.

Employee Training Schemes and Growth Opportunities
Certain companies offer scholarship schemes, send the employees on projects at foreign locations, recognize the talent schemes etc. It is important to note what all are the steps that the organization takes towards the development of the employee. Inquiries on appraisal procedures may also be made

though it is too early but again there is no harm in discussion prior to joining. A few people remember what was discussed in the interview.

Salary Structure
Identify the salary components well. Don’t get afraid when putting your expected amount in forth of the interviewers. Negotiations happen. Let them go up and come down to the best possible extent that you can. Remember, don’t come down too much or you will regret later. Never forget to ask what you get in hand. Most of them deny and ask in terms of package but beware of this term. Package is confusing. Insist on in hand salary amount and then say yes.

Job Location

Those who like living in metropolitans seldom enjoy villages on the contrary there are some who may live everywhere. If you may survive in a remote area away from your desired place then there is no problem otherwise there is no harm to inquire about the transfer policies and location change policies.

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Points To Consider - At The Time Of Interview & Joining (part 1)