Playing Videogames In Shops Vs. Playing At Home - What You Love/loved To Do?

Remember the videogame shops charging 50 paisa coin for each chance to play a game for an indefinite period as to make the things worse the pause option was activated by the shop owner. The game paused as the excitement was about to go high. At homes there is none of those problems yet don’t you miss gaming at shops. Or you enjoy playing alone at home or with one or two of your friends or family.

The advancement in technology and the development in economic conditions have facilitated each individual to do whatever he likes.  Rapid sales in the costly

videogames software and videogame tools are there to stand by the fact.

Playing videogames at shops had certain benefits like you could enjoy with others. With one player against the other and teams divided to motivate those with handles in their hands and the excitement level was the highest at that place.

The excitement was always on as there was a limit to play games. It was not like playing games all time. There was no initial investment required while if you want to buy a Sony PS2 it would cost approximately 5900 INR as on


If you wanted to change the game or wanted to get better games you simply had to go to another shop and the charge for playing videogames was the same. Despite all those good features there are some benefits of playing games at home.

You do not need to depend on the shopkeeper to open up the shop so that you could go to his shop and play videogames. All you have to depend on is electricity. If electricity at your home is on you may continue to play as long as you want and whenever you want to.

Online gaming has solved the issue of initial investment as well, as majority of homes have a computer and an internet connection.

You need not worry about the environment at the videogame shop as you may call whoever you want to, to play and share joy with you on videogames. Playing at home facilitates every good thing yet it was exciting to play at shops. Both have their benefits and limitations.


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