Plant Layout & Safety Considerations (continued From Part 3)

Continued from part 3
Distance from the neighboring risk:
Accidents at the neighboring risks may also affect the premises as recently noticed in the case of IOCL havoc. Attention may be paid to what kind of risk lies in the neighboring premises and adequate distances may be maintained thereafter.

We had a visit to a 5 star hotel for the purpose of risk inspection. The hotel had all fire protection measures that were required and maintained records for the fire drills and safety meetings. The only problem was, on both the sides of the hotel were petrol pumps.

Though not much fires

have been reported with the petrol pumps yet the presence of large amount of fuel always presents a danger. This ignorance leads to dangerous and chaotic situations.

Another incidence was when there was a boiler explosion in a chemical factory at Okhla Industrial Area in New Delhi. The explosion not only damaged the concerned chemical factory but also destroyed the neighboring factories. The neighboring factories shared common walls and the results were devastating. The losses could have been lesser if there were adequate distances maintained.

Distribution of the stocks and process machinery:
The storage godowns and the process areas must

be situated in separate buildings with adequate distance between them. If in the same building separate compartment may be provided with fire walls and fire doors.

The storage godowns have higher fire load as compared to the process area depending upon the type of occupancy. The presence of greater amount of fuel always presents a danger of greater fire hazard.

We often hear, “Safety is nothing but common sense”. Sherlock Holmes when predicted something about a case to Dr. Watson, his assistant, Watson stood amazed but when he asked why, then Holmes explanation appeared like a mere common sense to Dr. Watson. Similar is the case here.

This common sense is visualized through the eyes of technical experts since this common sense is related to technical field. This common sense is often overlooked and the accidents happen. Major accidents don’t take place often, but when they do, they don’t give a chance to gather forces but takes away most of the gatherings leaving behind the memories of existence.

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