Plant Layout & Safety Considerations (continued From Part 2)

Continued from part 2

The recent fire incident at the Aamri Hospital in Kolkatta presented the threatening capability of fire starting from the basement. An explosion in the basements could threaten the entire structure as well.

Basement is a risk since it poses a threat for evacuation in the event of any emergency. Basements are utilized as godowns in most of the industrial buildings and as utilities in the residential and commercial buildings. The risk of water damage is also present if the sprinkler installed there leaks accidentally.

The occupation of basement as godowns leads to a higher fire load due to

the presence of large amount of fuel. It is always suggested not to store flammables in the basements. Installation of oil type transformers in the basements is never suggested. 

Basements are often provided with a single entry. There must be more than one entry (unlocked) so that proper evacuation may be ensured in any exigency.

Drainage inside the building as well as outside the building is important. Chances of inundation would increase if a well laid drainage system is not present

in the premises consequently leading to production loss and the damage to the stacks. Sumps are often provided for the basements from where the water is drained out with the help of sump pumps.

Direction of the blocks:
Wind flows towards east or west most of the time in a day. The blocks if fall in the wind direction would lead the hot air, smoke and other particulates to move towards them thus making it unsafe though no accident has taken place in that block. The spacing between the blocks is important but this factor also shouldn’t be avoided.

Spacing between the blocks:
Separations between the blocks may be maintained as per the local standards. This helps in limiting the loss to that particular block. Risk is increased where the entire plant is located as a single block. Please refer the following link to continue reading,

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