Plant Layout & Safety Considerations (continued From Part 1)

The larger the workforce, the greater is the chance of strike taking place in a factory. The relations between the workforce in a factory and the staff members may be maintained by management efforts.

The participation of workers in the management decisions may be encouraged to certain extent. Some of the companies deploy employees on contract basis. This enables them to remain safe of the danger of the formation of any workers’ union in their premises.

Terrorism is also expected more in a populated area, where the terrorists can get the best of terrifying deeds through small work. Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, commercial

complexes, hotels, gathering places etc are more affected by terrorism.

Railway tracks located near the occupancy may lead to damage the structures inside the premises in case the train slips out of the track. Another loss that could result is an indirect loss. The railway barrier could restrict the public fire brigade to reach the building in the event of an emergency.

Damage due to the aircraft, though the possibility is low, yet may not be ruled out

if the structure is located very near to the airport or in the route of the aircraft.

Plinth level:
The plinth level of the plant if higher may prevent the flood losses. Properties in the basement are most affected if the plinth level is not high. Situation gets worse if there is an improper drainage system in the premises. The situation is worst if the entry to the basement is of the same level as the surrounding ground level.

The flood may result due to the abnormal rainfall followed by choking of the public drainage system. If the plant is located at an inclined level, the plinth level plays an important role. Along with the higher plinth level of the premises, the added advantage would be if the ground level of the blocks is higher than the surrounding ground level. Please refer the following link to continue reading.

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