Personality Development Vs. Campus Recruitment Course – Student’s Guide

There is a difference between job seekers and those who want to develop themselves. Personality development is not restricted and can be learnt anywhere for example majority of those who join the martial arts classes have a reason that they want to get rid of fear and build confidence. Campus recruitment course is something different. Unless properly strategized it may turn out to be a waste of time and money for the student. Here’s how: -

Institutes for personality development help the individuals irrespective of the ages and the sectors they belong to. This way they have a standardized way of

getting along with the things. There are seldom innovative things done and the focus is rarely on campus placement an interview techniques.

The institutes that offer the campus recruitment courses have their goal to help the student clear the interview and get the job that the student was looking for. With a proper strategy they are more successful than the personality development institutes particularly for job seekers. Both the personality development classes and campus recruitment classes conduct Group Discussion but the

purpose is not the same.

Courses particularly focused on campus placement, arrange common techniques used by the employers to shortlist the candidates and present an environment for the student to clear all the doubts related to employment opportunities. Though it depends on the type of institute joined, one thing is clear that the participants of campus recruitment course are often of the similar ages.

This helps gain better understanding of the procedures and the students don’t feel shy to clear their doubts as all of the questions put in forth of them are related to them only. Personality development courses are to nourish the soul and to bring out the hidden talent of the individual.

Such courses help them build their communication skills, interpersonal skills, confident approach and help them to build vocabulary as well. Since all of those are required by the employers, the job seekers seldom find a difference between campus recruitment courses and a personality development course. 

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