Number Of Articles Vs. Quality Articles Problems With Article Writing

Getting attracted to paid article writing and interested in article writing is not all. To become an online writer one needs to contribute and to contribute one has to decide on what topic to write. The online writer decides to write the maximum articles. In this process he writes the maximum that he can but is disappointed sometimes to discover that the articles are not generating as much views as he expected.

So what is it actually – The quality of the articles or the quantity of the articles. This dilemma is surrounding the majority of new writers who gradually understand

the phenomena of generating views. When a writer joins the race to write the maximum he sometimes forgets the quality of the article and tries to do it by fulfilling the basic requirements for article publishing for example 300 words.

The analysis shows that those with maximum number of articles lack popularity. There are some that do well at top positions but the numbers are few. On the other hand there are writers with the lesser number of articles yet their articles stay

on top and most followed by the readers. It is better to focus on why those people stay on top and why not those who write more.

To analyse or research on a subject takes time which is not available easily as many article writers are not full time writers but do this as a part time interest. There is little question of money involvement as there is not a get rich earning always. To devote time, find keywords, right tags, popularise them by networking sites etc. is good but this process is tiresome for many.

They choose the easy way. They write articles on the topics they like and when they get a handsome number of articles published they feel like getting regular views. This much is satisfactory for many writers. Though the proper marketing and preparation of articles takes time, it is suggested to follow this way to yield better results. Being selective on topics that will live forever is also a better thing to do.


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