Nokia Asha 300 – Mobile Phone Review

Before you buy Nokia Asha 300, try to go through the reviews available on the internet and views of those who you know. When I went for this Nokia phone ‘Asha 300’, I just went into the Nokia Store and purchased it for INR 6200. Why I purchased Nokia Asha 300 was because of the looks and less dependability on touchscreen (as my requirement was and as the sales person told me). But there are a few things (all related to touch screen) I regret after buying Nokia Asha 300.

Nokia Asha 300 comes under the following specifications: -
• 5

MP Camera
• TFT Screen
• 256 K Colours
• Talktime – Around 7 hours  
• Headphone and 2 GB Memory Card

The purpose of my buying a phone was a phone that could offer least dependability on touch screen yet a phone with good features. I didn’t want to go for basic phones such as Nokia C 101 so I asked the sales representative to show a better phone and she came up with Nokia Asha 300.

The phone has good looks no doubt. That was

the basic reason I was attracted to it.
The problem is the touch screen. Nokia Asha 300 is actually a blend of touch screen and conventional keypad phone. It is neither a fully touch screen nor a fully keypad based phone which is irritating at times.

Another problem is the quality of touch screen. The touch screen of Nokia Asha 300 is such that every time you use the screen you have to actually press the screen. In other words it is not touch screen but press screen.

For the one who has ever used a Samsung, LG or a good touch screen phone (in similar price range) before won’t probably enjoy using the touch screen of this phone. You have to depend a lot on the touch area.

Camera is ok. Not as good as a 5 MP camera is but camera is never a greatest of concerns.
As per my view Nokia Asha 300 phone is just an average phone. Touch is frustrating.


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