Movies Based On Videogames – Reason Why Such Movies Failed At The Box Office

There have been several movies based on videogames and the fact is that not many of them turned out to be blockbusters. It was not that the games were not popular but somehow those could not reach the heart of the audience.
The theme of the movies was based on the best games ever or what may be called some of the all-time favourite videogames such as mortal combat, street fighter, hit man and others yet there was an obvious reason why those movies could not do well before the audience. 

Recently there was a television show based on ‘Keshav Pandit’, the

very popular character of the legendary novelist Ved Prakash Sharma. The show did not do well. The character was so exotic that it was very difficult to actually present that character.

The other reason is the readers had been reading the character for long and when it came on TV, it collided with the picture and the style they had in mind. Human beings love

to imagine over anything else in the world. 

Similar is the reason here. The first reason was not many adults were familiar with those games. Secondly the audience that had controlled the characters for so long was on screen and was not always victorious and the audience had just to sit and watch.

Getting things under control is another habit of human beings. There is another reason. Videogames run at high speeds. There is no time to think. Everything is spontaneous. Somehow those movies could not match the speed of the videogames thus disappointing the audience.

In games like street fighter where a player fighter where an individual fights the other, a story was introduced which was not easy to digest for the audience especially the regular players. The characters in the movies could not perform the special moves with that excellence.

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