Men In Black 3 (mib 3) Hollywood Movie Review

Will Smith (Agent J) and Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) are back in action against their new rival Boris ‘The Animal’ (Clement), in another Men in Black sequel, this time with a concept of time travelling. Boris wants to do something that compels Agent J to travel back to the early years of MIB. What does Boris want to do? Could Will Smith prevent Boris from doing what he wants to? Those questions have been answered in the movie but what a movie review can tell is whether MIB 3 is worth watching?

Men in Black 3, is yet another sequel

of the famous series of Man in Black movies featuring the system of secret government body that manages the movement of aliens on the planet earth. The movie is in 3D and 2D, however this doesn't make much of a difference (personal opinion).

‘Men in Black 3’ starts interestingly with the introduction of an evil alien that MIB had imprisoned from past many years. The evil alien succeeds to run away from the prison and

decides to take revenge from the man who was responsible for what he thought was never possible. That man is Agent K.

And how could Boris take the revenge from Agent K. Going back into the past. The movie has the capacity to hold the audience for its entire duration. This is what the most important factor in any movie is. Suddenly when Agent K misses out, Agent J takes the responsibility to bring back his partner. Rest of the movie is about the struggle of Will Smith, Younger Agent K and in their quest another character, Griffin, helps them out.

A secret of Agent J’s life has also been revealed in this movie. Well, watch the movie to find out. The movie is worth watching for the story and the performance of all the actors. There is rarely any part in the movie when the audience get a chance to take their eyes off the screen.

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