Meeting With The Ultimate Boss A Case Study (part 4)

Johnny couldn’t sleep well that night in the fear if he continued to sleep beyond 7:00 am. His immediate boss, a manager from different department, his ultimate boss and Johnny himself were going to visit the client.

Meeting with the client was successful but surprisingly Johnny didn’t participate much in the meeting. He observed the others and preferred to act as audience. On the return trip the manager from different department wasn’t with them. Only three of them were left, which meant they were free to discuss the pros and cons and functioning of the department.

The most important of all was

the promotion and increment issue as the financial year was towards the end. But the boss didn’t utter a word about it. However in the mid of our conversation he reflected sweetly, “Johnny, you are sincere, you are hardworking but I am afraid you won’t get anything this time”.

Johnny was shocked. He said to myself, “Then what is this sincerity and commitment for”?

“Johnny, you have one more thing to do”

“What is that sir?”

“Just prepare a brief report of what happened and what could be done regarding the issues discussed in the meeting”

“I will do it sir”.

The meeting was over and so was the day. In fact it was 8:30 at night when he glanced at the watch. He had to leave for the meeting that he had postponed for Thursday. He took leave from the boss and rushed to the Bus Stand. The meeting was

over but not the job.

He was too busy to complete the job assigned by the chief boss and was loaded with too much of urgent work. Yet he managed to submit the report by Monday evening. The immediate boss called him up and roared, “Now, the boss is annoyed. You took very long time in such a tiny job. This is pathetic”.

Tuesday morning the ultimate boss shared a conversation with me over phone. He was demanding an explanation. This incidence had not only raised questions on his sincerity and commitment but also confirmed that he wasn’t going to get anything this time.

Shortcomings in this part of the story are Johnny didn’t pay the desired attention to the boss’s order. Secondly he couldn’t emerge as a winner in the meeting that he accompanied the boss. He missed the chances when he could have impressed the boss most.

Continued from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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