Meeting With The Ultimate Boss A Case Study (part 3)

By 4:00 pm Johnny had left for the airport and reached there by 5:15 pm when he came to know that the flight was delayed by an hour. After a lifelong time (as it felt like while waiting), Johnny could finally see his boss coming waving his hand. Last time Johnny met him, his hair were white, this time he was in shining black.

On the way to hotel they shared formal conversation when Johnny came across his boss’s strange desire. He wanted to go to the office then. It was already 6:45 pm. To stay in the office till late

was the worst things to do according to Johnny. When they entered the office building, not even a single person was there. The only man they could meet was the security guard. The boss said, “I am amazed, it is just 7:05 pm and no one is here”.

“Sir, the official time is 5:30 pm and most of them start leaving by 6:00 pm. Only I, by your special orders, am bound to sit by 7:00 in this filthy environment.” This was a direct attack. Avoid doing this.

“You wouldn’t believe Rajesh, when I was at your age; I used to sit till 10:30 pm”

“Sir, this is why our social lives are ruined once we join the corporate world”.

“Just don’t worry about the society; you don’t have time for

them. If you have to grow, just work harder and harder.”

I gave up because I knew that the more I argue the more I would regret. Johnny had put his point and did the right thing by keeping quite.

In the office he shared the presentation that the boss had asked to be prepared for him.

The boss took a long time in the office so Johnny was forced to sit there with him. Finally, it was 9:30 pm when Johnny took a leave with a promise to join him at 7:00 in the morning without fail to discuss some technical issues and then to proceed for Old City for some business meeting. Johnny later realized that the boss was there for some meeting.

Here the shortcoming at Johnny’s part was he didn’t bother to find out as to why the boss was coming to Delhi. The top management officials usually club more than a single work to be sorted out in one trip.

Continued from Part II and Part 1

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