Meeting With The Ultimate Boss – A Case Study (part 2)

The day arrived. It was Monday. Johnny had postponed all his schedules so that he could come up to his boss’s expectations that he was expecting to arrive by 5:30 pm. He joined the office early morning and continued finishing his previous reports half mindedly. Suddenly at 1:30 pm, he found his mobile phone ringing. It was the ultimate boss again.

“Johnny, where are you?” This is the question Jonny’s boss loves to ask and he just hates it. He felt as if his sincerity was being challenged by asking where he was. 

“Sir, it’s the lunch time, but I am in

the office.” Johnny tried to make the boss aware of his sincerity. It is necessary to acknowledge your accomplishments and sincerity to the boss but avoid being aggressive at such moments.

“Ok, no issues. You have to prepare a presentation by the time I reach Delhi. I will have it from you in the evening. I have to give a presentation to the client tomorrow and I don’t have time to do so.”

“No problem sir, I would get it done”. Here Johnny is at

fault at two places. He didn’t understand what the boss required in the presentation and he said yes very early.

It was 1:30 pm. Johnny had to reach the airport also. The time required to reach there was around 90 minutes. Johnny’s estimations lead him to conclusion that he had to make it with in two and a half hours (only!!!!). Johnny’s senses failed but he recollected himself and forgot about lunch. He just threw himself into making the presentation and somehow he was done with that.

When such is the case the quality misses out and not to forget the quality is always admired, so was the case with Johnny. Had he discussed his schedule and indicated the boss not to expect the best quality it would have been better. 

Continued from Part 1

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I write because I like writing and hope that someone benefits from the things I have learned from my teachers and the learned people I have met so far. The purpose here is not to attract any requests for horoscope analysis but just to share the thoughts. Astrology and spiritual matters are my areas of interest.

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