Is Media Biased?

The biggest news these days other than IPL is Nirmal Baba Scam. Whether or not Nirmal Baba is right but the way media is handling this issue it feels sometimes that media is just promoting/talking what it wants the people to understand. A lady when started talking in favour of Nirmal Baba the news channel representative suddenly asked for a break. Is Media Biased?

Nirmal Baba is reported to have in his account 123 crore rupees as per various news channels. The income tax department is worried about whether Nirmal Baba has paid tax for it or not. The issue is

media people talk only one side of the coin.

Majority of people speaking are those that support what news people are telling. Whenever there is anyone who speaks against the storyline, either there is a time for commercial break or the chance to speak is given to someone else.

There was another case that raised the same question that is media biased, when a boy from Saharanpur district in India suddenly started speaking English. This was a surprise to most of them as English is not very popular or known language in the Indian


Another surprise was, the boy brought out some facts that were related to a foreign scientist and many said that the boy was a reincarnation of that scientist who performed that research work. The media first promoted that boy and suddenly all the news channels decided to find the hidden truth behind this story.

Panels of doctors, psychologists were called and the boy underwent the examination on national news channels. The questions were asked by the doctors and the boy couldn’t understand much about how to answer in front of the media (it seemed). Result – The boy’s behaviour was declared as a side effect of learning English.

Electronic or print media are of great help to common mass and they have proved themselves at several points but the way they handle certain issues it feels as if they want to make the people look through their angle. Only the media people know if they are biased or not but the flow of news confuses the general public. 

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