Is Mba Required After Engineering For Career Growth?

The answer is no. Unlike the earlier times there are various courses available in engineering for example rubber engineering, fire engineering, safety engineering, plastics engineering, earthquake engineering etc. The courses are available in every category of colleges. Depending upon the colleges there are campus placement opportunities.

It has been observed that in more reputed colleges the chances of campus placement are greater than those students who appear for interviews in other college campuses. Need for MBA arises when it feels something is missing. When the student doesn’t get what he wanted, he opts for higher course which is either masters in

engineering/technology or MBA i.e. Master in Business Administration.

At this stage it is better to prepare for the CAT entrance and other similar prestigious entrance tests organized by business schools. As is the case with engineering, an MBA is worth if done from a reputed institute where there are more campus placement opportunities. Otherwise an MBA has to struggle for the same period as the engineer does.

An experienced person if earns 20,000 INR per month for example and he feels that those who are MBA are getting better than him, there develops a feeling to earn the same as there is almost

no difference in the style and talent of the individual (unless the MBA is from one of the best business schools).

Think practically. It takes two years to get MBA degree and it is not guaranteed that a handsome package would be offered at the first job unless through campus. Even through the campus interviews it is not easy to grab the best of salaries. Secondly, this course requires investment in lakhs of rupees which is again not easy to pay. If after the payment of such amount if the individual gets a job of 30,000 INR then where is the difference?

If he would have switched the job in those two years he would have received similar package in some other company and that too without investment. Moreover he could have saved the amount that he could have spent in pursuing a professional course. With experience, the value of the individual goes on increasing, the only thing is to make right decisions when opportunity knocks the door.  


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