Market Yourself – How To Win Lessons From Wwe

A wrestler coming out in the ring not for fighting but to speak for them has been a common scene in WWE. When I was a child I thought this was a waste of time as they are not doing their real job but talking trash but later I realized the real concept behind doing this and the importance of marketing yourself.

There is so much competition in the market that none of them (consumers) care what you are unless you tell them. If you are good you would have to tell you are good. CM Punk says it, ‘I am

the best wrestler in the world’. Chris Jericho says, ‘I am the best at what I do’.

But are they really so talented. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is they are good and they have achievements attached with their names. There have been so many and there will be so many but the truth is how you present yourself before the people because it doesn’t take time to forget even the most talented.

To keep yourself in the discussions you have to market yourself. A classic example is Vladimir Kazlov. He was one of the toughest wrestlers to defeat when he entered the arena but he didn’t care much about marketing himself. Unfortunately after he got injured by Mark Henry he never made an appearance again in

the ring. Result was he was not talked about anymore.

The once in a lifetime match between John Cena and The Rock is a classic example of how both the legendary players marketed themselves. Neither of them required to do so as both have immense popularity levels yet they did it continuously for a year. 

The wrestlers were/are allowed to market themselves. They spoke/speak whatever they can to promote themselves as better wrestlers than the others in the arena or others that ever stepped in the ring. They are/were allowed to do almost anything to make them recognized before people.

“Market Yourself”. This is one of the most asked questions in interviews. There is a reason why the interviewers ask this. When they appoint you as any designation you become the representative of that company. Company doesn’t only sell products or require marketing people to advertise their products but also requires promoting the goodwill.

Every aspect counts in the road to success. Watch Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H, The Rock, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and other popular wrestlers if you want to know how to market yourself.

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