How Cigarette Smoking Manner Could Reveal The Personality Secrets Of Smoker

Every smoker has a different style and this may bring out how he takes on the things and the state of mind of the smoker. Individuals that do not smoke also join the smokers during breaks or during office hours despite knowing the hazards of passive smoking. Such individuals may watch the smokers to know something about their behaviour and personality. Here’s an analysis of common styles of smoking: -

The number of cigarette smokers is showing an increasing trend despite the statutory warning, ‘Smoking is Injurious to Health’. Not only the teenagers are getting involved but the working professionals are

almost addicted to smoking cigarettes.

Going for a cigarette to relieve stress during office hours, lunch time or tea break is a common scene. The employers also understand that it is not easy for the individuals to get rid of the habit of smoking so dedicated smoking booths or smoking zones have been made for those who smoke.
Smoking in a hurry

There are smokers that are in a hurry to finish the cigarette. Such people are often found to be in a hurry to finish the job. They start the work with full energy and like to continue with the same energy until the execution of the job. These people like to get away with the assigned jobs as early as possible.

Smoking More than One at a Time
There are some that smoke more than one at a time. It depends on mood though, yet it may be concluded that these people are not

satisfied with what they are. They put their efforts to get another achievement and in this process they gain stress.

Looking sideways
Some of them look sideways frequently while smoking. Such people are afraid of what the others would say or feel about them. They are concerned about the others attitude towards them.

Hiding the Cigarette
If two are smoking and one tries to hide the cigarette between his fingers then it may said that there is something that one is trying to hide from the other. 

Half Burnt Cigarette
Many of the smokers leave cigarettes half burnt out. Such people often represent careless attitude. They do not worry much about the others and often are not that concerned about the job. Sometimes this also represents the show off kind of personality of an individual. 

Smoke to Enjoy 
Those who enjoy smoking do it with devotion and give it full time may be called as ones who take every job patiently, understand the things and then move ahead. They take time and know how to make decisions rather than directly jumping into conclusions.  They enjoy what they do.

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