Main Characters Of Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is one of the most watched and popular TV shows across the world. The show is based on a novel and is an attempt to reflect the life of people living in upper class Manhattan Elite Society in New York.

The show revolves around Serena Van Der Woodsen, Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald and Daniel Humphrey. Following is an introduction to these characters: -

Serena is a trust fund, blonde, long legged girl who gets everything she wants. She always has some problems which she tries to solve on her own. She has a gay brother named Eric and

lives with her mother Lily. She is a good girl with a lot of influences from her past life.

Blair or ‘Queen B’ as gossip girl calls her is the best friend of Serena. She has her own heap of problems. She wants her fairy tale to come true. Additionally she has problems with her eating habit. She was in love with Nate earlier but now she is in love with chuck and at present she is marrying Prince Louis.

Chuck bass is a business man in love

with Blair. In this show Chuck’s character is little shady. He loves Blair and he can do everything in order to get her. Chuck’s past is also little complicated and Blair is the only one in the world who understands it and accepts him as he is.

Nate Archibald is the character with good looks also known as golden boy very popular among females. He has basically no goal in life except sleeping with almost all the women he knew.

Daniel Humphrey or the lonely boy is a good writer and friends with the entire characters above. He does not belong to the Upper East Side but circumstances land him in the middle of these people. Daniel was in love with Serena earlier but then got involved with Blair.

All these characters possess well-structured past lives that tends to interfere in their present lives. There all other characters too with their lives as well shown in Gossip Girl.

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