Sudden Weight Loss Take Advantage Of Ailments

It was the first time that Johnny went to New Delhi, the capital city of India. He stayed at his friend’s residence where due to some unknown reason he had food poisoning as a result of which he kept vomiting the entire night and for the next two days that he remained there he ate almost nothing. Johnny was in so much pain that he never realized he had lost all the extra fat that he always wanted to.

Then he could fit himself into smaller clothes and was glad to pick out the older trousers that he had almost forgotten.

That was a great feeling but not for long. After he got completely well in almost 5 days the level of hunger that he normally felt, suddenly increased. Even Johnny didn’t bother about that now as he had lost all so he continued to feed himself and regained all that was lost in another two weeks.

The lesson behind this story is that people try hard to get rid of those extra calories deposited in the body using different calorie burning strategies but seldom succeed. When ill or sick there is

no labour required as body refuses intake most of the times under such conditions. Take advantages of ailments. Get the benefit out of them. 

Johnny had never been overweight ever since he was born but once he went into the college he lost his workout routine. Even the routine exercises such as cycling and sports were lost somewhere. He was glad to have a motorbike but was sorry not to find time to lose weight. He was fond of sweets and ice-creams that helped him gain as much as he could. 

Similar case happens with most of them. It is better to restrict gaining weight rather than first gain and then reduce by joining courses on how to lose weight. It requires lots of efforts and these days, lots of money as well. Dieting doesn’t mean staying hungry but to control the diet. To control those extra calories those are being taken even when the body doesn’t demand.

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