List Of Top 10 Must Watch Animation Movies

It has always been fun to watch animated movies. Following are the movies that I feel are some of the most entertaining animation movies: -
Most of these movies are in parts.

1. Madagascar
Watch it for the adventures of Alex the lion and his friends. The movie has fun & emotions and while it never loses the story track. This movie was released in three parts.

2. Cars
The movie released in two parts. There are cars that speak. The film gives a hint to the world of car racing and how the cars and their players are treated if they

are injured or retired.

3. Megamind
The movie is about someone who wants to be a villain and then falls into the dilemma whether to continue as a villain or be superhero.  Rest lies in the story.

4. The Lion King
This is about the journey of Simba the lion that was separated from his family in his early life and brought up by animals of other species. The movie is about how the lion reclaims his kinghood.

5. Beauty and the beast
This is a movie based on a fairytale of a prince and a girl. One of the most memorable movies produced under the banner of Walt Disney Pictures.

6. Ice

This is a classic representation of how the world would have been and the struggle of the animals when there was ice all around. The movie is in more than one part.

7. The Incredibles
This is a movie about a superhero family that tries to adjust between the common people. All of the family members had superpowers but tried to hide them from the society.

8. Shrek
The movie is about a monster in green that falls in love with a princess. It won’t be good to disclose who the princess was and whether Shrek would succeed.

9. Toy Story
The toys talk with two main toys in character that fight for the affection of the child. The movie demonstrates the condition of toys when a kid loves them and when it rejects them on the arrival of a new one.

10. Wall E
Wall E is a love story between robots with one of them of older technology and the other one of state of the art technology. 


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