List Of 10 Of The Best Action Movies From Hollywood

There have been many but following are the names of the movies that strike my mind when it comes to watching action movies: -

1. Enter the dragon
Unfortunately Bruce Lee could work for a short time in the entertainment industry. Out of his short span of time and his long lead achievements this movie was one of the great works by the legend of Bruce Lee. 

2. Rush hour
This is an action movie with lots of comedy in it. The movie is worth a watch every time you have time to do so. The movie is in more

than one part and all the parts are worth watching.

3. Terminator
Terminator is probably one of the biggest movies that Arnold is known for. Tough expressions and fearless attitude (being a robot) of Terminator and a blend of technology is what makes this film worth watching.

4. Ong Bak
The Muay Thai students would certainly have an interest in this movie. The movie is certainly a movie to watch for the breath-taking actions performed by Tony Jaa.

5. Red
Red is the story of retired CIA officers who have problems with the then present CIA officers. This is also about how the older officers survived and how the newer perform but don’t forget to watch Bruce Willis.  

6. Kill bill
This is a story of a woman who dares to go against

her husband and the challenges that she faces emotionally and physically. Both the parts are interesting but the first part was more interesting in my viewpoint. 

7. Wanted
A boy liked by none was hired and trained by assassins to live better and perform better. Later he realizes the real motive behind his training.

8. Mr and Mrs Smith
This is an interesting movie about a couple that works as secret agents. The interesting part is that both of them don’t know that the other one is also a secret agent. By the time they realize the time starts to run against them. How they fight is all shown in this movie.


9. The Matrix
Another Sci-Fi movie but with a lot of action element The Matrix is indeed a delight to watch. The movie has been made in more than one part and goes on interesting with every part.  


10. Batman: The Dark Knight
The most appraised sequel of the superhero Batman. This was one of those movies in which the role of the villain was more appreciated than the hero himself.


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