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To become an engineer is a matter of pride. To join online engineering forums could be a great decision but the only thing is to keep caution. While online forums may help the engineering students and engineering professionals, it may also have a negative impact on their careers. Despite the numerous advantages of becoming the member of an online community of engineers or forum, an engineer should always keep in mind the things not to do: -

Remember not to disclose the identity
Disclose your identity only to the person you know personally. You never know how the other person may

use your information for his benefit.

Don’t disclose the name of your workplace
Whenever you share a view on an online community or forum, remember not to mention the name of your workplace. Your company may have an objection to this.

Avoid sharing the official information on online communities and forums
This may violate the policy of your organization. Sharing the official information online is ethically wrong too. If you want to

get an answer, you may ask by modifying the question. Telling the location is never harmful as it is required to know the legalities and local rules for that location.

Never take names of your colleagues, especially your boss
You never know who the other member of the online engineers’ community is. The other person might be your boss or probably the national head or anyone; you never know. So better keep those things out of such forums.   

There are plenty of websites acting as forums for engineering students these days. These engineering forums are indeed a platform for the students as well as professionals to discuss their issues, share their skills and hence enhance their knowledge towards becoming a complete engineer. Utilize the engineering forums as tools to success not as hazardous weapons to yourself.

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